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Helpful Hints Between Professional Cleans

One of the most crucial areas of carpet maintenance is the immediate removal of spots and spills when they occur. Acting quickly is the key to success when anything is dropped or spilled and always having the necessary cleaning materials at hand is of the utmost importance.

Follow our spot & spill removal guidelines.

Follow The Five Steps

Spot Removal Chart

Types Of Treatments
1. Detergent Solution
2. Cold Water
3. Laundry Detergent
4. Solvent (only on carpet)
5. Chill with aerosol freezing or ice cubes in plastic bag
6. Vinegar solution
7. Warm Water
8. Clear nail polish remover (no lanolin)
9. Alcohol (eg. Isocol, surgical alcohol)
10. Rust Remover
11. Vacuum
12. Mineral Turpentine
13. Ammonia Solution
14. Clear household disinfectant
15. Baking Soda, scoop up and vacuum

Cleaning Solutions


Mix one teaspoon of clear dishwashing liquid (containing no bleaches or strong alkalis) and one teaspoon of white vinegar with 500ml of warm water (not hot). This solution must be rinsed well with clear water.


One teaspoon in 250ml of warm water.


Mix one tablespoon of clear household ammonia with 100ml of water. Once stain is removed the carpet must be neutralised with the vinegar solution. Apply, blot and rinse. Wool and treated nylon carpet (ie, Stainmaster, Scotchgard etc) are adversely affected by ammonia. Substitute with No. 2 on chart.


Mix 100ml of white vinegar with 200ml of water.


A volatile dry cleaning solvent such as Murlex (available at grocery or hardware stores) or white spirit. Use on dry carpet only.


The most important maintenance step is proper vacuuming. Regular & thorough vacuuming at least once a week and more often in heavy traffic areas will remove soil & dirt particles before they become embedded in the pile of the carpet. Remember you cannot over-vacuum & vacuuming should begin the day the carpet is installed. Frequent vacuuming is a carpet’s best friend.


Professional, quick and well priced. Rob was great to deal with throughout the whole process. Quality work, would definitely recommend
Milos Cirkovic
Milos Cirkovic
Great quality and professional service. We had our tiles (over 200 sqm) cleaned and sealed recently. We were stoked with the difference. Very quick and straightforward process - Rob was great to deal with.
Digiart Australia
Digiart Australia
Excellent job on cleaning my problematic kitchen floor tiles. At the outset they said they would do their best to clean them but made no outlandish promises. Job done to a high standard, would recommend without hesitation.
sir AMS
sir AMS
After renting my house out, my house needed a really a good tile and carpet clean and as always the guys at All Floors came through with getting the result I wanted. Fast, Friendly and reliable service. I been using the guys fro All floors for many years now and can honestly recommend them. Adrian - Applecross
Adrian Applecross
Adrian Applecross
THANK YOU SO MUCH. I recently had my grout, lounge and carpets cleaned and I am over the moon with the quality and professionalism I received. Just recently having a baby I had stains all over my lounge which I thought I may have been looking at having to replace the entire thing, but nope Peter did a terrific job at removing them with no difficulty at all. I also didn’t realise how disgusting my shower grouting was as my house is only 2years old, I had that done aswell and my god it looks better than when we built the house. All up I got so much done for cheaper than it would have been for me to replace my couch :). I can’t thank Rob, Peter and the guys anymore for the outstanding job and the high quality of customer service I received. Will definitely be recommending to all my friends and family.
Katie Bailey
Katie Bailey
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